Order of Precedence

Count Vaclav Semjaka

Lonely Tower

Name Registered:
March 1989(via Middle)
Vaclav Semjaka
Device Registered:
December 1990(via Middle)

County 2006-09-09 Calontir Tristram of Lindesfarne & Caillin MacKenzie
Order of Chivalry/Knight 1988-11-10 the Middle
Cross of Calontir 1996-06-29 Calontir Chrystofer Kensor & Salamandra the Whitesmith
Iren-Hirth 2001-01-20 Calontir Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon & Lyriel de la Foret
Silver Hammer 2003-01-04 Calontir Chrystofer Kensor & Margarette de St. Martin Sur Mer
Purple Fret 1988-06-25 the Middle
Dragon's Tooth 1989-04-29 the Middle
Iren-Fyrd 1997-04-05 Calontir
Leather Mallet 2000-05-27 Calontir Thjothrekr Eiriksson & Yrsa Gundhbarandsdottir
AOA-Simple 1988-10-20 the Middle
Sword of Calontir 2004-03-20 Calontir Siridean MacLachlan & Sile O'Kyan
Thegn of Calontir 1998-12-12 Calontir Luther Ambossfaust & Lenore de Troyes
Scroll of Honor 1999-07-10 Northshield
Queen's Endorsement of Distinction 1999-09-11 Calontir Eringlin Aldhelm & Alethea Charle Chivalry
King's Favor 2016-01-09 Calontir Caius Equitius Rectus Xerxis & Bele Anna de Rugé Help and Inspiration


Vaclav Semjaka & Xorazne Artsuni

Reigned from 2006-03-25 to 2006-09-09