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Honorable Lady Giovanna Canzoniera da Firenze

Three Rivers

   Giovanna of Three Rivers, Jo of Three Rivers
Name Registered:
October 2015
Giovanna Canzoniere da Firenze
Device Registered:
February 2018

Calon LilyGolden Calon SwanTorseAOA-Simple
Calon Lily 2017-12-09 Calontir Damien MacGavin & Issabell St. Charles bardic arts
Golden Calon Swan 2015-01-10 Calontir Agamemnon Platylithodae & Gwen A'Brooke Singing
Torse 2016-07-23 Calontir Duncan Bruce of Logan & Ylva Jonsdottir Chatelaine, Retinue, Waterbearing, Set-up and Clean-up
AOA-Simple 1998-09-12 Calontir Luther Ambossfaust & Lenore de Troyes