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Sir Lars Vilhjalmsson

   Lars Vihjalmsson , Lars the Fierce
Name Registered:
December 1975(via Middle)
Lars Vilhjalmsson
Device Registered:
November 1988

Order of Chivalry/KnightOrder of the LaurelOrder of the PelicanIren-HirthSilver HammerCross of CalontirIren-FyrdLeather MalletAOA-SimpleSword of CalontirThegn of CalontirThegn of Calontir
Order of Chivalry/Knight 1983-08-21 the Middle
Order of the Laurel 1988-01-09 Calontir Valens of Flatrock & Susannah Griffon Ceramic Arts
Order of the Pelican 1991-02-09 Calontir Gabriel ap Morgan ap Hywel & Hywela Frech ferch Wyddel
Iren-Hirth 1982-06-06 Calontir
Silver Hammer 1983-02-12 Calontir Pottery
Cross of Calontir 1987-01-03 Calontir Gabriel ap Morgan ap Hywel & Hywela Frech ferch Wyddel
Iren-Fyrd 1980-09-27 Calontir
Silver Oak 1981-07-11 the Middle
Leather Mallet 1982-03-27 Calontir
AOA-Simple 1980-07-14 Calontir
Sword of Calontir 1984-09-15 Calontir
Queen's Favor 1982-10-30 the Middle
Thegn of Calontir 1991-03-16 Calontir
Thegn of Calontir 1993-03-06 Calontir
Augmentation 2007-08-05 Calontir Llewellyn Lorell of Shrewsbury & Cadfael the Mordacious Ideals of the Society: Pennsic runestone carving