Calontir Order of Precedence

Viscountess Lucilla Theresa de Courtenay

Name Registered:
July 1986(via East)
Lucilla Theresa de Courtenay
Device Registered:
July 1986(via East)

ViscountyGolden Calon SwanTorseAOA-Simple
Viscounty 1986-06-22 Drachenwald
Patent of Arms-Simple 1986-06-22 Drachenwald
Order of the Edelweiss 1986-06-22 Drachenwald
Argent Comet 1995-10-14 Meridies
Golden Calon Swan 1998-03-28 Calontir Donngal Eriksson & Aislinn Morcroft
Torse 1998-09-12 Calontir Luther Ambossfaust & Lenore de Troyes
AOA-Simple 1985-10-25 Drachenwald
Princess' Order of Courtesy 1986-01-04 Drachenwald
Principality or Popular Company of Sojourners 1986-08-01 Drachenwald