Calontir Order of Precedence

Lord Mikjal Annarbjorn

Three Rivers

Name Registered:
June 1984(via Middle)
Mikjal Annarbjorn
Device Registered:
January 1998

TorseLeather MalletAOA-Simple
Silver Oak 1984-10-13 the Middle
Orden des Lindquistringes 1987-06-20 Drachenwald
Torse 1996-02-24 Calontir Gilligan of Eire & Adelith of Horton-cum-Studley
Leather Mallet 1996-07-06 Calontir Chrystofer Kensor & Salamandra the Whitesmith Research
AOA-Simple 1982-09-01 the Middle
Principality or Popular Company of Sojourners 1989-01-07 Drachenwald