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Mistress Roise ni' Ullachain

Lonely Tower

   Roise Caitlin oh'Leichain, Roise O'hUallachain
Name Registered:
October 1999
Róise ní Ullacháin
Device Registered:
October 1999

Order of the PelicanSilver HammerCross of CalontirTerritorial Baronage (Retired)Court BaronageGolden Calon SwanTorseAOA-Simple
Order of the Pelican 2009-06-18 Calontir Martino Michel Venneri & Ariel of Glastonbury Tor
Silver Hammer 1996-06-29 Calontir Chrystofer Kensor & Salamandra the Whitesmith Infusion
Cross of Calontir 2003-01-04 Calontir Chrystofer Kensor & Margarette de St. Martin Sur Mer
Territorial Baronage (Retired) 1995-03-25 Calontir Valens of Flatrock & Elspeth of Stonehaven
Court Baronage 2000-07-29 Calontir Thjothrekr Eiriksson & Yrsa Gundhbarandsdottir
Golden Calon Swan 1991-01-12 Calontir Gabriel ap Morgan ap Hywel & Hywela Frech ferch Wyddel Costume
Torse 1993-01-02 Calontir
AOA-Simple 1990-01-06 Calontir Volkmar Katzbalger & Isadora of Orangewood
Augmentation 2013-11-02 Calontir Damien MacGavin & Issabell St. Charles




Lonely Tower 1995-03-25 to 2000-07-29