Calontir Order of Precedence

Master Trobere Oakseed

Name Registered:
May 1984(via Middle)
Trobere Oakseed
Device Registered:
May 1984(via Middle)

Order of the LaurelSilver HammerCross of CalontirLeather MalletTorseAOA-Simple
Order of the Laurel 1985-03-16 Calontir Thoman Shadan Secarius & Erzebet von Schachendorf Leathercraft
Silver Hammer 1983-09-16 Calontir Leatherwork
Cross of Calontir 1986-03-15 Calontir
Leather Mallet 1982-09-06 Calontir
Torse 1983-06-24 Calontir
AOA-Simple 1982-01-09 Calontir