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Duke Garick von Köpke


Name Registered:
March 1988(via An Tir)
Garick Köpke
Device Registered:
July 1988(via An Tir)

DuchyCountyViscountyOrder of Chivalry/KnightOrder of the PelicanOrder of the LaurelLeather MalletIren-FyrdSword of CalontirThegn of CalontirOrder of the Archaic Fewment
Duchy 1999-05-01 the West
County 1996-06-28 Drachenwald
Viscounty 1993-05-08 the West
Order of Chivalry/Knight 1993-06-19 the West
Order of the Pelican 2000-10-01 the West
Order of the Laurel 2014-05-10 the Outlands
Patent of Arms-Simple 1993-05-08 the West
Flower of the Outlands 2012-06-16 the Outlands
Orden des Lindquistringes 1997-03-01 Drachenwald
Silver Guard 1997-06-01 Drachenwald
Leaf of Merit 2000-03-25 the West
Leather Mallet 2004-01-10 Calontir Joseph Angus Wilson of Clan Gunn & Phaedra filia Roberti
Iren-Fyrd 2005-06-16 Calontir
Stag's Blood 2012-07-21 the Outlands
Sword of Calontir 2003-08-15 Calontir Valens of Flatrock & Susannah Griffon
Defender of the West 1991-09-06 the West
Principality or Popular Company of Sojourners 1997-07-01 Drachenwald
Knight's Bannerette 1998-07-04 the West
Muckin' Great Club 1999-03-20 the West
Paragon of Merriment 2000-06-25 the West
Commendabilis 2000-09-30 the West
Queen's Endorsement of Distinction 2003-09-06 Calontir Valens of Flatrock & Susannah Griffon
Thegn of Calontir 2003-09-06 Calontir Joseph Angus Wilson of Clan Gunn & Phaedra filia Roberti
Paragon of Merriment 2007-08-08 the West
Augmentation 2010-04-17 Drachenwald
Order of the Archaic Fewment 2017-03-17 Calontir Bataciqan-nu Ko'un Ashir & Ashland de Mumford Lightning songs, animal husbandry, failing to learn his lessons


Garick von Köpke & Yasamin al-Hadiyya

Reigned from 2004-09-11 to 2005-03-05