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Sir Sean Chipendale

   Sean of the Shipon Dales
Name Registered:
April 2007
Sean Chipendale
Device Registered:
April 2007

Order of Chivalry/KnightIren-HirthCourt BaronageIren-FyrdAOA-SimpleOrder of the Archaic Fewment
Order of Chivalry/Knight 2010-03-19 Calontir Hirsch Ross Eichman & Magdalena vander Meere
Iren-Hirth 2009-02-13 Calontir Luther Ambossfaust & Mærwynn of Holme
Court Baronage 2012-08-09 Artemisia
Iren-Fyrd 2007-02-15 Calontir Tristram of Lindesfarne & Caillin MacKenzie
AOA-Simple 2006-02-17 Calontir Martino Michel Venneri & Ariel of Glastonbury Tor
Queen's Endorsement of Distinction 2008-09-13 Calontir Anton Rhaghelan & Isabeau de Beauxyeux
Lion d'Or 2009-03-18 Trimaris
Order of the Archaic Fewment 2008-03-14 Calontir Angelo Paolo Cavilli & Jane Corwin