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Duke Irel Krist of Starre Inn

Name Registered:
December 2000 (via Outlands)
Irel Krist of Starre Inn
Device Registered:
September 1988 (via Outlands)

DuchyCountyOrder of Chivalry/KnightOrder of the LaurelIren-FyrdAOA-Simple
Duchy 1996-11-09 the Outlands
County 1991-11-02 the Outlands
Order of Chivalry/Knight 1993-05-30 the Outlands
Order of the Laurel 2001-10-13 the Outlands
Flower of the Outlands 1998-02-07 the Outlands
Stag 2000-12-09 the Outlands
Stag's Blood 1987-12-12 the Outlands
Stag's Heart 1991-03-02 the Outlands
Aspen of Caerthe 1993-07-31 the Outlands
Gilded Leaf of Caerthe 1995-07-02 the Outlands
Golden Nightingale 2004-04-17 the Outlands
Iren-Fyrd 2007-11-17 Calontir Angelo Paolo Cavilli & Jane Corwin
AOA-Simple 1987-08-22 the Outlands