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Baron Augustin le Blinde

Lonely Tower

   Augustin mac Lochlainn
Name Registered:
January 2010
Augustin le Blinde
Device Registered:
January 2010

Territorial BaronageIren-HirthCourt BaronageIren-FyrdTorseAOA-Simple
Territorial Baronage 2018-01-06 Calontir Damien MacGavin & Issabell St. Charles
Iren-Hirth 2017-08-26 Calontir Damien MacGavin & Issabell St. Charles
GOA-Simple 2010-05-29 Atlantia
Court Baronage 2012-05-26 Atlantia Territorial Baron of Caer Mear
Iren-Fyrd 2014-08-08 Calontir Agamemnon Platylithodae & Gwen A'Brooke
Torse 2016-10-08 Calontir Duncan Bruce of Logan & Ylva Jonsdottir marshalling, teaching new fighters and helping get a kit together
AOA-Simple 2009-08-05 Atlantia




Lonely Tower 2018-01-06 to Current