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Honorable Lady Cristina la Ambeler

Lonely Tower

   Cristina D'Ambuler
Name Registered:
December 2012
Cristina la Ambeler
Device Registered:
December 2012

Cross of CalontirGolden Calon SwanTorseLeather MalletAOA-Simple
Cross of Calontir 2018-01-06 Carlsby Damien MacGavin & Issabell St. Charles Years of service to the Kingdom, feasts and halls and cooking.
Golden Calon Swan 2012-11-10 Calontir Hirsch Ross Eichman & Magdalena vander Meere Embroidery, Sewing
Torse 2013-11-02 Calontir Damien MacGavin & Issabell St. Charles
Leather Mallet 2014-08-23 Calontir Agamemnon Platylithodae & Gwen A'Brooke Cooking
AOA-Simple 2012-01-21 Calontir Ostwald Konrad von Riesetoten & Kaye of Gordon