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Countess Branwyn Whiteraven

Name Registered:
April 1987(via Middle)
Branwyn Whiteraven
Device Registered:
April 1987(via Middle)

CountyTorseGolden Calon SwanAOA-SimpleOrder of the RoseThegn of Calontir
County 1988-09-17 Calontir
Torse 1988-01-09 Calontir Valens of Flatrock & Susannah Griffon
Golden Calon Swan 1990-02-10 Calontir Volkmar Katzbalger & Isadora of Orangewood Painting
AOA-Simple 1983-01-15 Calontir
Order of the Rose 1988-09-17 Calontir
Thegn of Calontir 1989-03-11 Calontir


Thorvald Anlafsson the Golden & Branwyn Whiteraven

Reigned from 1988-03-12 to 1988-09-17