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Mistress Bridget Edan

Name Registered:
October 1988 (via Middle)
Bridget Edan
Device Registered:
February 2016

Order of the LaurelCalon LilyCross of CalontirCourt BaronageGolden Calon SwanTorseLeather MalletAOA-Simple
Order of the Laurel 2013-02-02 Calontir Donngal Eriksson & Catalina de Arazuri
Calon Lily 1996-06-13 Calontir Chrystofer Kensor & Salamandra the Whitesmith Embroidery
Cross of Calontir 2007-06-16 Calontir Llewellyn Lorell of Shrewsbury & Cadfael the Mordacious
Court Baronage 2000-09-30
Golden Calon Swan 1991-09-07 Calontir Embroidery
Torse 1997-06-21 Calontir Cathyn FitzGerald & Branwen ferch Rhael
Leather Mallet 1998-12-12 Calontir Luther Ambossfaust & Lenore de Troyes
AOA-Simple 1988-02-06
Sovereign's Pleasure 1997-09-27