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La Grande Tente, Shire of


Lachlan Farseer of Griffonwode


Lachlann Ian MacIntosh

   Lachlan Ian of Deodar

Lachlann MacKinnon


Lachlann of Moray


Laelian O'Lee




Landon Ross


Lang of Three Rivers


Langreth Beacon


Larissa Maria Guscia


Larkin di Astara Travil


Lars Gilsson


Lars Vilhjalmsson

   Lars Vihjalmsson , Lars the Fierce

Lasair Táilliúir

   Lasair Elen nic Tallier, Losair Ellen nic Taillear

Lasairfhiona of Grimfells


Laslow the Horse Theif


Latricia Gravarg


Laura of Stafford

   Alain d'Amis

Laura of Wakefield


Lauralana Delandes


Laurali of Three Rivers


Laurelin Allen


Laurelyn Darksbane


Lauren of Barrenlands


Laurien the Fair


Lavender of Bellwoods


Lavilla Senestor


Lavina le Rider


Lavinia of Catmere